Why is this area important?

Comprising of 1.6 miles, and 25% of the City's total riverfront, the Bangert Island area is vitally important to the City's growth economically, ecologically, and recreationally. When complete, the project is expected to generate 4,000 new jobs, create a $1.5 billion economic impact, restore damaged sensitive shallow water habitat, and increase access to recreational opportunities.

Will the project cause flooding elsewhere on the Missouri River?

No, this project will not cause flooding elsewhere on the Missouri River. Since the fill used to raise the developable area comes from the channel, the water levels are not affected.

Won't the development flood?

No, the excavation from the water quality basin will raise the development well above the 500 year flood elevation, and well above the levels seen in the flood of 1993.

What will happen to the island?

The island will stay in its natural state, and will not be developed. Natural surface trails will remain in place for off-road cyclists and hikers, and the island will continue to serve as an attraction for local outdoor recreation. While the island itself will not change, the ecosystem surrounding the island will improve dramatically. The blighted and underutilized parcels adjacent to the island will be cleaned up as part of the development.

Will there still be trails on the island?

Yes! In fact, the access to the existing trail system will be improved with this project. The natural surface trails will remain in place for off-road cyclists and hikers, and the island will continue to serve as an attraction for local outdoor recreation. Before plans are finalized, the City will coordinate with the cycling community, who has been integral in the development of the existing trail system. The Katy Trail will also continue to run through the project area. City staff is working with the Missouri State Parks Department to help determine the best configuration for runners and cyclists.

How will I get to the island?

Currently, access to the island is on a narrow metal walkway that can become unusable following local rain showers. This will be improved with an elevated walkway to allow more frequent access to the island.

Won't this area compete with existing businesses?

Saint Charles is a vibrant City that brings in more tourists, residents, and businesses every year. The City is the 3rd largest tourist destination in the state, was recently voted the #1 place to live Missouri, and is located in the fastest growing County in the State of Missouri. In addition to complimenting the amenities of Historic Main Street, Family Arena, and Ameristar Resort, Casino, & Spa, the Bangert Island Riverfront will help draw some of the nation's most attractive employers and candidates to the City of Saint Charles.

What will happen to the Katy Trail?

Although no plans have been finalized, City staff is working with the Missouri State Parks Department to help determine the best configuration for runners and cyclists. One concept would eliminate the conflict points with cars, and move the trail to the perimeter of the site.

How long will the project take?

The City is currently requesting prosals from developers that will outline plans and schedules for developing the site. The City plans to break ground on Phase 1 in 2019.

Can the public use the lakes?

Yes, the lakes will be open to the public. The lakes will be a centerpiece of the recreation centered development. Although ideas are still being refined, possible uses will include fishing, kayaking, triathlons, and much more.

Will there be public meetings?

Yes, the City is in the process of planning a public meeting in the coming months.

How will this project restore the environment?

In the 1930s and 1940s, the US Army Corps of Engineers installed river control structures. Over the next 40 years, the channel that separated the island from the shoreline filled in with sediment, damaging sensitive shallow water aquatic habitat. This project will restore the unique habitat that once provided refuge from the swift Missouri River current that is vital breeding and feeding grounds for fish, waterfowl, and aquatic plant life.

This project will also improve the environment by constructing the lake in a way that allows it to serve as a water quality basin. The water quality basin will help meter the flow of water, and allow time for sediments and pollutants to filter out before being discharged to the river. Crystal Springs currently runs through a portion of the project, and has one of the highest sediment and phosphorous loads of any watershed in the City.

How can I be part of this project?

    1. We want to hear from you! Please send us your ideas, suggestions, or concerns to The City is also in the process of planning a public meeting this summer.

What is water quality?

Stormwater runoff is generated when rainwater is not absorbed into the ground. When water flows over non-vegetated soil, parking lots, roads, and buildings it carries with it sediment, trash, and other pollutants. Water quality is the cumulative term used to describe a water basin’s suitability to safely support wildlife and recreation activities.

How do water quality basins work?

Water quality basins can be constructed in several different ways depending on the goals for the basin. One method is to slow down water and allow the sediment to settle. Water is normally slowed by a control structure that meters the amount of water leaving the basin. Basins can be constructed with underwater baffles, wet meadows, and shallow emergent zones to help direct circulation and control the location where sediment and pollutants deposit.

Who owns the property?

The City of Saint Charles owns all 20 acres required for Phase 1. Private property owners control other portions of the development.

Will the project all develop at once?

Currently, the City has split the development into 3 separate phases. Phase 1 consists of 20 acres located just south of Interstate 70. Construction for Phase 1 is expected to break ground this year, and could operate as a mixed use development, similar to the existing Streets of St. Charles area. Phase 2 is approximately 80 acres near the Family Arena that currently operates as a sand and concrete plant, and could offer complementary development to the Family Arena as well as providing space for larger entertainment or office space. Phase 3 is the narrow strip on the east side of South River Road. This future phase is not currently being pursued by the City.

What is the property zoned?

Currently 96 out of 100 total acres for Phases 1 & 2 are zoned commercial, industrial, or mixed use. The remaining 4 acres of Phases 1 & 2 are zoned agricultural or residential. The island itself is zoned agricultural, and will not be developed.

What are the existing conditions and are natural areas being disrupted for development?

This project is focused on sustainable development in areas that are already developed, but remain blighted or underutilized. This project will not develop the natural island. The Phase 1 development area, which is owned by the City, is home to several dilapidated structures and storage lots. The 80 acre Phase 2 development area, currently operates as a concrete and sand production plant. The channel separating the island from the shoreline has mostly silted in, and will be restored as a lake. The island itself is currently owned by the City, and is operated as a County maintained park. The island will not be developed as part of this project.

Why is this project important to the City?

When complete, this project is expected to create up to 4,000 new jobs and have a $1.5 billion impact on the local economy. Comprising of 1.6 miles and 25% of the City's total riverfront, the Bangert Island area is vitally important to the City's growth economically, ecologically, and recreationally.

What kind of uses is the City looking to have in the area?

Different areas of the development lend themselves better to different uses. The City expects a sustainable mixed use development in the Phase 1 area with a combination of retail, office space, multi-family residential, dining, and entertainment. Phase 2 has larger lot sizes, and lends itself to larger tenants such as office headquarters, entertainment venues, and other development complementary to the Family Arena.

How can I get to the project area?

From Interstate 70, exit at the 5th Street exit, and proceed through the new interchange. Turn left on Lombard Street and continue until you get to South Main Street. Phase 1 of Bangert Island lies straight ahead. (0.25 miles from Interstate 70)

From Page Extension / MO-364, exit at Arena Parkway, and travel north on Arena Parkway. As you pass the Family Arena you will see the Phase 2 area on your right. (1.5 miles from Highway 364)

Will the trolley provide access to the area?

Yes! The trolley will provide access to the area.

How many jobs will be created?

According to Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI), it is anticipated the project will create approximately 4,000 jobs.

What is the economic impact of this development?

The economic impact of this development will be regionally significant. According to Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI), the project will have a $1.5 billion impact to the regional economy.

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