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Engineering Request for Proposal

In September 2019, staff solicited expressions of interest from engineering design firms.  After evaluation according to the current City’s consultant selection criteria, CMT was the highest scoring firm. Following feedback from the Board of Public Works, staff revisited the scope, fee, and subcontracted services for the overall site development, while entering into a $99,990 contract for initial tasks to prevent project delays.


This supplemental agreement continues the design to provide pad ready sites for Phase 1A and 3A. Additionally, it provides the environmental clearances for the entire development area. A portion of the contract is reserved for conceptual planning for Phase 1B, 2, and 3B to provide guidance to perspective tenants.  In order to deliver this revised scope, subcontractors were required. In addition to CMT’s services, several other local engineering firms will be assisting in development activities including Cole & Associates, SCI, Reitz & Jens, and SWT Design.


Presentation with detailed information on the Supplemental Agreement Approved by City Council on March 24, 2020

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